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5 arguments to choose us 

When choosing a company to work with, the applicant evaluates and takes into account a number of factors. The study, carried out by us in the preferences in choosing an employer among students and applicants (about 530 people) found that in the top 3 most important and motivating includes: competitive salary, company stability in the labor market and a good team. Of course, this is not all the components that determine the choice of potential applicants, because for one relevant career development, for another - comfortable working conditions or the prestige of the company. Everyone has her or his own motivations and preferences.

It is important that the company was close to you in spirit, you shared its values; to work enjoyable, adequately paid, and nearby is the open-minded people who are ready to share the joy and support in the difficult moments. In such a company people will employ for years and each new day  they will meet with joy and enthusiasm.

Based on this, we have formulated five arguments in favor of SAVSERVICE:

Decent salary and social security

We provide decent salary and social security in accordance with the labor legislation of Ukraine - is important for us each employee's contribution to the overall result. Regularly tracking the situation on the labor market, we guarantee a fair and competitive official salary, and, importantly, timeliness of its payments. The principle of payment is structured so that in addition to the constant part, there is a variable - it various bonuses and premiums that are directly dependent on the efficiency of the employee. For us it is important that the best, efficient employees received more.

Benefits and compensation

Our company has implemented all social guarantees and facilities provided by the Labour Code, and we permanently raise the level of social security of our employees. For example, telephone and payment of mobile communication, the use of official vehicles and fuel, additional leave, payment of financial assistance in various situations (marriage, birth of a child and so on.) Caring for the health of employees, the company  provides health insurance on preferential terms.



Comfortable working conditions

 For our employees we create such working conditions that enable them to achieve the best results in their work. To do this, they are provided with all the necessary tools: modern office equipment, the latest IT-development, mobile phones, tablets, company car (for posts involving their use).  Providing healthy and safe working conditions is a necessary component for all our processes, services and projects.


Education and career opportunities

The uniqueness of the company's personnel policy is that 98% of the appointments to managerial positions received by employees of the internal talent pool. For their growth, the company employs special project managers and internal training department, various programs for professional and personal development. Due to the scale of the company, employees have the opportunity to try themselves at other, related fields or regions of Ukraine (where are our branches). Employees take part in trainings and seminars aimed at improving professional skills and the development of personal qualities. The company has an internet resource that allows to study on-line at convenient for employee time.

Particular attention is paid to the process of adaptation of new employees:  on the first day of work we are helping newcomers in our team will get used to new surroundings, to understand our corporate culture, learn new functions.


Corporate culture

The work of all employees focused on the involvement of all the processes that occur in the company. For us it is important that every employee can participate in making decisions that are interesting to him/her, and he/she was interested in the results of their work. We care about our employees, as they care  about our customers and our company. It is thanks to feedback from employees, customers, partners, we are improving the methods and approaches in work. Regularly conducted anonymous surveys about the level of satisfaction of employees, operates a telephone hotline. In periodic meetings with the management, everyone can share his/her opinions, say wish. In order to maintain the level of awareness for employees run corporate media projects (internal and external sites) that allow to learn about news, events, interesting facts from the life of the company, and co-authors of corporate media are the employees themselves. Numerous corporate events: parties, competitions, tours, sporting events, picnics, workshops, only reinforce the command unity and strengthen team spirit.


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