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  • Zhestokov Sergiy

    Administrative director of SAVSERVICE Company. In company since 1999.

  • Strusevych Yuriy

    Head of P&G sales unit in the traditional trade, sales department, Kyiv. In company since 1999.

  • Sushelnytska Natalia

    Trade Marketing Leader, Kyiv. In company since 2009.

  • Lytvyn Oleksander

    P&G Modern Trade Leader, Kyiv. In company since 2011.

  • Vysotskyi Volodymyr

    Finance director, Kyiv. In company since 2002.

  • Makhovskyi Andriy

    Head of SAVSERVICE food distribution, deputy deputy development director in the food area, Kyiv. In company since 2005.

  • Bezpalko Andriy

    Deputy director of DP "SAVSERVICE KARPATY" in sales of textile products groups, Lviv. In company since 2002.

  • Kakusha Kseniya

    Head of learning (capability) department of SAVSERVICE, Dnipro. In the company since 2014.

  • Levko Andriy

    Head of special sales channels department, Kyiv. In company since 2005.

  • Rahmail Olga

    Exclusive Brands Manager, Kyiv. In the company since 2017.


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