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Wide recognition of SAVSERVICE on the Ukrainian and European distribution market was due to the high level of service, the use of innovation and confidence of partners and customers, as confirmed by numerous awards and diplomas. An independent evaluation of our company gives the incentive to work even better because leadership is impossible without the continuous improvement and development.

June 2017. Breakthrough of the Year and Efficient optimization process

  Traditional P&G symposium has been particularly successful for the SAVSERVICE team: logistics function was

  awarded  for "Breakthrough of the Year", the function of finance - for "Effective optimization process".

May 2016. For outstanding results in service for the 2015-2016 fiscal year

  At the annual symposium P&G distributors in Moscow logistics of SAVSERVICE company was awarded with

  the prize "For outstanding results in service for 2015-2016 fiscal year."

May 2015. Best logistics project

The logistics function of SAVSERVICE non-food distribution 27-29 May 2015 on P&G distributor Symposium has been awarded the 2nd place in the competition "Best logistics project".

July 2014. Distributor of 2013-2014 fiscal year in Ukraine

In July 2014, the company Procter&Gamble summed up the fiscal year 2013-2014 and presented prizes to the best distributors in Ukraine: the company SAVSERVICE received the title "Distributor of the year".

July 2014. TRADE LEADER 2014

DP "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" received the status of "TRADE LEADER 2014" for significant gains in business activity for the last year that confirmed by the official certificate. Head of the company K. Tsymbal was awarded a personal award "HONORARY WORKER OF UKRAINE TRADE" for contribution to the development of the economy and professionalism.

May 2014. Best supplier of Eastern Europe in 2013-2014 fiscal year

22-23 May 2014 in Moscow at the annual symposium of Procter&Gamble distributors in Eastern Europe SAVSERVICE company for the third consecutive year was awarded the "Best supplier of Eastern Europe in the 2013-2014 fiscal year".

May 2014. Non-standard IT-approach to business problems solving

May 2014. Non-standard IT-approach to business problems solving At the annual symposium for Procter&Gamble distributors in Eastern Europe, that was held in May 2014 in Moscow, the SAVSERVICE nonfood distribution won in the category "Non-standard IT approach to solving business problems".

November 2013. Best distribution logistics in 2012-2013 fiscal year

In the 2012-2013 fiscal year on the basis of competition among Procter& Gamble distributors logistics company SAVSERVICE was named the best in Eastern Europe.

September 2013. Winning the competition from Blend-A-Med and Oral-B

In September 2013, the business team of the Kyiv branch DP "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" was awarded for quality work in the contest of Blend-A-Med and Oral-B. Due to the high level of representation and in bringing in new outlets of oral care products, they made sales plan and saturability with an index of 126%.

August 2013. Priority Contest of 2012-2013 fiscal year

DP "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" and DP "SAVSERVICE KARPATY" won the competition among Procter&Gamble distributors of "Priority Contest of 2013-2013 fiscal year" and become leaders in the implementation of the initiatives.

July 2013. Award "For innovation and help other distributors in Eastern Europe in the launch of the project "The effectiveness of trade representatives””

In July 2013, when summed up the 2012-2013 fiscal year, SAVSERVICE non-food distribution was awarded a diploma from the Procter&Gamble "For innovation and help other distributors in Eastern Europe in the launch of the project "The effectiveness of trade representatives””.

January 2013. Priority Contest of 2011-2012 fiscal year

Victory in Priority Contest for distributors of Procter&Gamble in 2011-2012 fiscal year, those results were announced in January 2013, won DP "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" and DP "SAVSERVICE KARPATY".

January 2013. Distributor of 2011-2012 fiscal year in Ukraine

24-25 January 2013 in Kyiv by meeting distributors Procter&Gamble Ukraine company "SAVSERVICE SKHID" again won title of the "Distributor of the 2011-2012 fiscal year".

January 2013. Best distributor and top-5 of branches of Gillette ProGlide sales

Up to start of new razor Gillette ProGlide from Procter&Gamble company SAVSERVICE was recognized as leader in two categories: best distributors of product were "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" and "SAVSERVICE KARPATY" and best in sales were 5 branches of non-food distribution in Bila Tserkva , Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Severodonetsk.

November 2012. Best Corporate Media in Ukraine 2012

November 16 were announced results of the contest "Best Corporate Media in Ukraine 2012", that was attended by corporate magazine and website of SAVSERVICE non-food distribution. Magazine "SpivAVtor" took second place in the category “Corporate magazine for employees”, and the site savservice.com was awarded in the category "Convenient and intuitive structure and navigation, rich content, professionalism and compliance with business objectives" (category "Corporate Site").

October 2012. Branch Leader 2012

DP "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" in October 2012 was awarded as "Branch Leader 2012" by official statistical data. The company took 1st place among large companies in the category "Wholesale of household goods" for the criteria: "Profitability and liquidity", "Scale of production and ability to pay", "Social Indicators", "Resource efficiency", "Investment attractiveness".

October 2012. Best supplier in 2011-2012 fiscal year

At October 5, in Moscow was awarding ceremony of winners of Logistics contest, that was attended by 15 Procter&Gamble distributors in Eastern Europe. Non-food distribution SAVSERVICE took first place and was awarded the best supplier in the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

October 2012. Best organization of HR-processes

On annual Symposium of Procter&Gamble distributors in Moscow HR-department of non-food distribution, SAVSERVICE was awarded diploma for "Best organization of HR-processes" in 2011-2012 fiscal year.

December 2011. Distributor of 2010-2011 fiscal year in Ukraine.

Team of LLC "SAVSERVICE SKHID" won the contest "Distributor of the Year 2010-2011" in Ukraine, whose results were announced on December 21-22 at the meeting of Procter&Gamble distributors in Kyiv.

December 2011. Priority Contest. The second half of 2010-2011 Fiscal Year.

DC "SAVSERVICE STOLYTSYA" and DC "SAVSERVICE KARPATY" won in "The Priority Contest. The second half of 2010-2011 fiscal year", that was conducted by the company Procter&Gamble for Ukrainian distributors.

November 2011. Award "HR-Brand Ukraine 2011"

18 November 2011 in Kyiv at the awards ceremony of the annual prize HR-brand the project of SAVSERVICE company "Overall result is the contribution of each", implemented in Zhytomyr branch, received the award of the third degree.

September 2011. Vertical Start-up of HR-processes

On 22 September 2011, at the annual HR-Symposium distributors Procter&Gamble, which took place in St. Petersburg, HR-team SAVSERVICE awarded for vertical launch of HR-processes in the new business "SAVSERVICE SKHID", which is supported by the excellent results GDA "SAVSERVICE SKHID" - 9.2.

September 2011. The best distribution logistics in 2010-2011 fiscal year

In 2010-2011 fiscal year company Procter&Gamble was conducted first logistic contest for distributors in Eastern Europe. SAVSERVICE won the third-degree award for high service level and reduce logistics costs.

June 2011. Priority Contest. The first half of 2010-2011 Fiscal year.

Non-food distribution of SAVSERVICE company won in the annual Procter&Gamble contest in nomination "Priority Contest. The first half of 2010-2011 fiscal year". 16 June 2011 company representatives were presented with awards: diploma and cup.

November 2010. The best HR-department of Procter&Gamble distributor in 2009-2010 fiscal year

11-12 November 2010 in Kyiv was held the traditional annual Symposium for directors of human resources departments of Procter&Gamble distributor. The HR-department of non-food distribution of SAVSERVICE company was awarded a certificate and gifts, as the best HR-department of Procter&Gamble distributor in 2009-2010 fiscal year.

September 2010. The Best logistics department and the best financial department of Procter&Gamble distributor

15-17 September 2010 near the city of Nizhny Novgorod was held an annual financial and logistics symposium of Procter&Gamble distributors, where the SAVSERVICE company was awarded two diplomas: "The best logistics department of Procter&Gamble distributor" and "The best financial department of Procter&Gamble distributor".

June 2010. The best supplier in Eastern Europe

10 June 2010, Moscow hosted the annual symposium for Procter&Gamble distributors in Eastern Europe. The company SAVSERVICE won for the first time in nomination "Best Supplier of the Year in Eastern Europe"

October 2009. The best HR-department 

In October 2009 the company SAVSERVICE took the first place on annual symposium of HR department directors of Procter&Gamble distributors in Eastern Europe for presentation of the project "Kaizen". HR department of SAVSERVICE was awarded the star and title of "The best HR-department in 2009".

October 2009. The breakthrough in improving of service level for customers

On 28-29 October 2009 by Procter&Gamble was held Annual Symposium on Logistics in Moscow. The company SAVSERVICE was considered the best company by indicators of the service level for customers and was awarded a diploma in the category "The breakthrough in improving of service level for customers".

July 2009. Distributor of 2008-2009 Fiscal year in Ukraine

The company SAVSERVICE was announced the P&G distributor of 2008 - 2009 fiscal year in Ukraine. The official ceremony was held on July 17, 2009 in Kyiv in the Congress Hall of "President-hotel".

April 2009. The best project of logistics department

In April 2009 the company SAVSERVICE received the diploma from Procter&Gamble for the best project management work in logistics. The project work focused on the expansion of secure storage (FDI storage).

July 2008. Distributor of 2007-2008 fiscal year in Ukraine

In 2007-2008 fiscal year received the company SAVSERVICE the trophy and diploma of the winner of the annual contest of Procter&Gamble distributors in Ukraine.

September 2007. The best financial analysis and reporting

On September 2007 the company SAVSERVICE received the award "Best analysis and financial reporting" on the Finance symposium of Procter&Gamble distributors.

July 2006. Distributor of 2005-2006 Fiscal year in Ukraine

In 2005-2006 fiscal year the company SAVSERVICE was announced by Procter&Gamble the Best distributor in Ukraine.

July 2001. Distributor of 2000-2001 Fiscal year in Ukraine

In 2000-2001 fiscal year the company SAVSERVICE won the contest of Procter&Gamble distributors and was awarded the diploma "In recognition of the best results in sales growth for 2000-2001 fiscal year".

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